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What is tummy tuck?

Tummy tuck, clinically known as abdominoplasty, is a plastic surgery procedure to create a tighter and youthful looking abdominal profile. During your initial consultation, plastic surgeon will address all your concerns starting from what

is tummy tuck and what does a tummy do to what to expect after a tummy tuck surgery.

To perform this procedure, your cosmetic surgeon will eliminate excess skin from the mid section, tighten the loose abdominal muscles, and remove surplus fat deposits.

An experienced tummy tuck surgeon will customize

the procedure to meet your unique requirements and goals.

What does a Tummy Tuck do?

Abdominoplasty has many variations, each of which is designed to correct specific concerns, such as loose skin, protruding belly, weak abdominal muscles, post pregnancy stretch marks, or fat pockets in men due to a sedentary lifestyle. In a full traditional tummy tuck, the navel may also be repositioned to create more natural looking results.
Tummy tuck will restore a flatter, firmer abdomen and correct the issues with your mid-section that may have occurred due to aging effects, genetic factors, pregnancy, previous surgeries and major weight fluctuations.

What a Tummy Tuck won’t do?

Apart from knowing the tummy tuck benefits, it is also important to understand what its limitations it presents, in order to make an informed choice. A tummy tuck surgery is a body contouring surgery, and not a weight loss procedure.
The primary goal of the surgery is to eliminate loose mid-section skin and tighten weak and separated muscles. For substantial fatty tissue removal, a liposuction may have to be combined with tummy tuck. 

What is mini tummy tuck?

When you work with the best plastic surgeon in Turkey, they will discuss many surgical options with you, and may recommend a mini tummy tuck if you are a candidate for it.

Who is a suitable Candidate for it?

Partial abdominoplasty or mini tummy tuck  can be an ideal approach if you only need a small amount of skin removal in the mid section, while your abdominal muscle wall is fairly tight and not significantly protruding. 
If you have a reasonably slim abdomen or the sagging of the abdominal tissue has just begin, plastic surgeon will be able to sculpt your mid-section into a more attractive shape with a mini tummy tuck

Scarless Tummy Tuck

For your mini tummy tuck plastic surgery, the surgeon will determine the length of the incision according to the amount of skin that needs to be removed. In general, this incision will be considerably smaller than a full traditional abdominoplasty, and that is why it is also sometimes called a scarless tummy tuck in Turkey. Repositioning of the belly button is usually not involved in this surgery.

How is it performed?

A partial abdominoplasty is usually performed using local anesthesia and IV sedation. Your cosmetic surgeon will expose a small section of abdominal muscle wall through the incision. The treatment area will usually run from the incision site in the lower abdomen to your navel. Through this incision, the surgeon will trim away loose skin and tighten the abdominal muscles to create a younger looking and firmer mid section.

What is tummy tuck 360?

Patients may sometimes want to know what is a 360 tummy tuck. Your body contouring surgeon will explain different surgical techniques and help you choose the most appropriate type of tummy tuck cosmetic surgery. A 360 tummy tuck or a circumferential abdominoplasty is a more extensive procedure compared to a standard tummy tuck.

What is a 360 Tummy Tuck?

Your surgeon will discuss the pros and cons of a 360 abdominoplasty and determine whether you are a candidate for it. This procedure is usually performed after a massive weight loss surgery to help you get rid of overhanging, loose skin from your mid section area.

How is it performed?

As part of your circumferential tummy tuck, your surgeon will create an incision that extends throughout your waist line. They will use this incision to remove excess fat and skin as well as tighten the loose muscles. At the same time, the surgeon will also lift your buttocks and outer thighs, and reposition the navel to create more comprehensive and natural looking outcomes.

Will the Scar Show?

As the incision spans the complete circumference of your torso, this technique is popularly called a 360 tummy tuck. A skilled plastic surgeon will create the incision in a manner that the subsequent scar remains almost completely hidden within the undergarment.

Tummy tuck procedure

Creating the incisions 

There are many types of tummy tuck procedures. For instance, a mini tummy tuck involves making a tiny incision below the navel. On the other hand, a circumference procedure involves creating a big incision around the waistline to remove the hanging skin. 

Reattaching and sculpting the belly button 

Most tummy tuck procedures need changing the position of the belly button to make the abdomen look tighter and more natural. The navel sculpting and reattachment are highly complex cosmetic procedures and thus, require an experienced plastic surgeon. 

Tightening of the abdomen muscles  

During the surgery, our plastic surgeon will remove packets of excess skin and fat from your stomach to tighten it. The surgeon will also pull your abdominal muscles closer together and stitch them in a way to give you a more toned look. This will automatically narrow your waistline as well. 

Removing the excess skin 

Once your abdominal muscles are tightened, cosmetic plastic surgeon will stretch the skin downward to trim the excess away. In some cases, liposuction is also used to remove the undesired fat before tightening the skin. Eliminating stretch marks If there are any stretch marks below your belly button, they will also be removed by our surgeon.

Incision closure 

Once your tummy tuck surgery is complete, the plastic surgeon will suture the skin expertly. Over the next few weeks, your skin cells over the incision will heal naturally and the doctor will remove the stitches.

Tummy Tuck Benefits

Improve your physical appearance 

The physical benefits of a tummy tuck can be incredibly satisfying. If dieting and exercising have failed to get rid of excess fat around your abdomen, a tummy tuck may be the best course of action. If you have been through a huge weight loss or pregnancy, your stomach has most likely been stretched beyond the limits of natural healing. With a tummy tuck surgery, you will see stunning improvement in the contour, tone, and shape of your midsection. In many cases, a tummy tuck also removes the stretch marks below your navel in addition to the sagging skin. This procedure essentially narrows the waist and gives you more desirable curves. 

Get rid of loose skin 

Maybe you have been on a journey of self-healing and healthier food choices. You may have lost a lot of weight and dropped down multiple dress sizes. But losing excess weight doesn’t mean you also lost the loose skin. Large folds of skin not only look unappealing but they can also become infected with fungus. In these cases, a tummy tuck becomes the most logical choice toward getting a healthier body. 

Boost your self esteem

A protruding belly can wreak havoc on your body image and confidence. Do you feel anxious during the summer months when everybody is out in well fitted bathing suits? With a tummy tuck, you won’t have to hide behind baggy clothes all the time.

Get a taut stomach 

Aging, weight loss, or even pregnancy can sometimes result in loose stomach muscles. This not only hampers the muscle strength but can also make your stomach look droopy. If the muscle damage is severe, a tummy tuck surgery is the unique solution.

Tummy tuck risks

When you choose a tummy tuck Turkey, you should focus on working with the most reliable and reputed medical tourism service provider such as Concorde Beauty that has leading Turkish plastic surgeons on board. When you work with the best tummy tuck surgeon in Turkey, your risks are minimized and may be even lower than many less qualified or less experienced surgeons in your home country. However, some inherent risks are still associated with any surgical procedure, including tummy tuck. These may include:

  • Adverse reaction to anesthesia
  • Excessive bleeding during or after the surgery
  • Infection in the incision sites
  • Seroma or fluid accumulation
  • Skin loss or discolored skin
  • Delayed wound healing
  • Numbness or altered skin sensation
  • Fatty tissue necrosis
  • Conspicuous scarring
  • Asymmetrical results
  • Persistent pain after the surgery
  • Pulmonary complications 

Preparing for tummy tuck

Diligently preparing for tummy tuck will lay the foundation for your successful abdominoplasty. Your preparation for tummy tuck surgery will begin right from the time of your initial consultation with your plastic surgeon. During the consultation process, your surgeon will:

  • Review your medical history and general health condition
  • Order a few blood tests or drug allergy tests, where necessary
  • Discuss your surgical options based on your anatomy and personal goals
  • Show you female or male tummy tuck before and after photos to help you form realistic expectations
  • Explain the post-surgical recovery process and estimated results
  • Discuss what to eat after tummy tuck 

Tummy tuck preparation list

Your tummy tuck preparation list may include some or all of the following items:

  • Provide your past medical records to the surgeon
  • Provide your lab test results to the surgeon as required
  • Stop smoking for a few weeks as directed by your surgeon
  • Avoid the use of aspirin, NSAIDs and herbal supplements for a certain period as per the surgeon’s advice
  • Alter your schedule of ongoing prescription drugs for a few days, if required, in consultation with your physician
  • Apply leave at your workplace to ensure a safe recovery at home
  • Leave the rest to us 

Tummy tuck healing 

Your tummy tuck recovery time will vary according to the surgical technique you have chosen, such as full or partial abdominoplasty or a 360 tummy tuck surgery. In general, you may require about one week’s tummy tuck recovery time in Turkey. You may be able to travel back to your home country after that, but preferably you should plan to rest for another week at home before you resume your job or your normal daily routine. 

Post op tummy tuck

After your operation, your surgeon will likely brief you on the post operative care you will experience for the next six weeks.

1 week post op tummy tuck 
During the first week after your tummy tuck surgery, you should take plenty of rest at your hotel. But you may perform short walks as well as light activities on your own from the third day.
2 weeks post op tummy tuck
Tummy tuck 2 week post op, the initial bruising and swelling would have considerably reduced and you may resume your regular activities or go back to work. But continue to avoid strenuous exercises or lifting of heavy weights in this phase.
3 weeks post op tummy tuck
Only minor swelling may be visible in the incision sites now, while the bruising would have completely resolved. You can increase your number of activities and eat a protein-rich diet for a faster recovery.
4 weeks post op tummy tuck
You can start your regular exercise and fitness regimen in consultation with your tummy tuck surgeon. However, continue to avoid exercises and movements that put strain on your incisions. 
5 weeks post op tummy tuck
From your 5th week post op tummy tuck, you can also start activities such as swimming, but only if your abdominal area has sufficiently healed. The scars may appear pronounced at this stage, but they will gradually fade away. 
6 weeks post op tummy tuck
Your swelling, soreness, and fatigue would substantially diminish by this stage. While the final outcomes of your tummy tuck will not fully appear until several months, you can start noticing the dramatic results develop from this time.

Tummy tuck results

Your abdominoplasty results are going to be very long-lasting, provided you have chosen the best tummy tuck surgeon. The long-term results will also depend on how committed you have been towards maintaining a balanced diet and a regular exercise regimen. 

More Youthful Body  
In any case, within a few months of your tummy tuck, as the swelling completely disappears, you will be able to notice the most dramatic tummy tuck results. You will have a more toned and flatter mid-section along with a smoother body contour. 

Boost to Self Image and Self Confidence 
You will not only look and feel better, but also you can wear any type of clothes and swimwear of your choice, and your self esteem and self image will significantly improve.

What is included our packages?

It is not enough to know how to get a Tummy tuck in Turkey or how much is a Tummy tuck in Turkey. You should have a clear idea of what all will be included in your Tummy tuck cost. This will ensure that you do not face any unpleasant surprises later on at the time of billing. When you work with a trusted medical tourism provider, they will clearly outline what all costs are covered.Turkey Tummy tuck cost inclusions are typically as follows:

  • All medical fees
  • Costs of all hospital and hotel accommodations
  • Costs of x-rays, blood tests, or other pre- and post-operation diagnostics
  • After care services
  • Cost of all medications
  • Cost of a compression garment, if required
  • All transfers
  • All fligth tickets
All our patients are fully insured against the risks that may occur along their travel

Concorde Beauty Treatment Packages including pre-operative tests, all medical fees, personal assistant, Fligths, VIP transfers, accommodations and after care services.

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